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Every now and then I love to discover new things, people, places or just something pretty exciting to share. On this chilled Sunday evening, breezing through blogs on my blackberry, I came across something or shall I say someone rather interesting. Even more interesting was the fact that I had heard about this young, spirited talent a while ago but only just got the chance to experience her form of art. My fascination grew as I learnt more about her blend of art and entrepreneurship, a mix I’m also passionate about.

Amazing to say the least, Modé is an artist of African descent who passionately communicates salient themes like love, beauty and heartbreak through her work which brings her imagination to life and shows wisdom well above her years. A self-labelled ‘dreamer’, she loves to create a space for her ideas to grow in a world that is greatly dominated by ‘me-too’ brands. She is far from a conformist and determined to accomplish something that pushes the world even if its’ only an inch.

I e-caught up (cheers to technology) with her to shed more light on her work. Here’s what she said:

1. Who is Mode?

Funny, someone recently asked me this. Well I like to think of myself as a dreamer. I don’t like reality so as an escape I tend think a lot therefore being in my own world. Which is a dream of some sort.

2. Tell us a bit about your background?

Born in Lagos, Nigeria. Schooled in Lagos for 11 years. 2 boarding schools, 2 different countries for 7 years, university in California studying animation for 6 years.

3. How long have you been drawing/sketching?

I’ve always been drawing but I took it seriously only 5-6 years ago.

4. Tell us about your style as an artist?

I would like to say my style is an impression of reality. I don’t tend to copy reality directly. I like to put my own twist to it.

5. I love the idea of art product skins. What inspired it?

Thank you! I got the idea from the Internet. I love the fact that my art can be a part of your everyday life. Working on your laptop my art is with you, sending a text my art is with you. I feel it’s more intimate than hanging it on a wall.

6. Is it limited to the Apple brand? Blackberry? (Hint).

The limitation is only in the Laptops. There are Blackberry skins available as well. Hopefully I’ll get to expand as the demand grows.

7. Where is it sold?

At the moment I sell my products at

Terra Kulture

which is at

Plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage Street,

Lagos, Nigeria

Also if you contact me directly via email I’m able to ship it to you.

8. What do you love most about your gift?

I don’t consider my skill as a gift. It’s hard work and discipline. I wasn’t born with it. What I love most about it is that I get to inspire people. It’s an amazing feeling. My friends tend to think you get used to the feeling every time someone says “I love your art” or “Your art inspired me to start painting” but it never gets old. I love it.

9. What else do you love apart from art?

Films. I love films. And books. Books are incredible.

10. What inspires you?

Photographs, films, books, philosophical ideas, music, different cultures, traveling, quotes, art so many things.

11. Who is your favourite artist?

Frida Kahlo. I love her as a person and her art expresses that completely. I think that’s what all artists try to achieve. Favourite living artist is Charmaine Olivia.

12. If you had to brand a city ‘The city of art’ which would it be?

I haven’t been to a lot of countries to have a valid answer but so far, San Francisco would be ‘The city of art’.

13. How would you define African art?

Beautiful but monotonous. It lacks evolution and growth. Everyone is doing the same thing except some rare exceptions like Toyin Odutola and Karo Akpokiere.

14. Do you consider yourself an African artist?

Of course I do. What else would I be?

15. Have you been part of any exhibition? Do you plan to have one soon?

Yes I have. They’ve been pretty small but the experiences have been great. Hopefully I’ll have one next year.

16. Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I have a hard time telling people what I’m going to do or what I tend to accomplish. I’m much of a show don’t tell kind of person. So we’ll see what happens in a few years.

17. Share something exciting that not many people know about you…

I love food. My favourite kind is Nigerian. I’ll eat anything amala, egusi, jollof rice, pounded yam you name it.

18. Fast forward to the future, what would you want your legacy to be?

That’s a big question. I’m not sure what my exact legacy would be but if I accomplish something that pushes the world even only an inch forward then I will die happy.

To find out more about her art, visit:

Swag & A Half

London 2012 is finally here! The evening was beautiful; theatrics, culture and an all round great show. My favourite part has to be James Bond (starring Daniel Craig) escorting the Queen to the ceremony. Thankfully, I found the video on YouTube so if you missed it, enjoy! #London2012

Mo ni la ti lo…

The mood was set for another beautiful evening at Freedom Hall; the usual mix of great people, a couple of drinks and the main course, great music. What made this night even more special was the fact that I had been invited by one of the performers. As usual, she was cool, calm and collected as she entertained her audience. The feedback was great, cheers rent the air; beautiful to say the least. As the evening came to a close, I knew I had yet again discovered a star. So impactful, it felt as if she was singing to me, about me. Needless to say, Kaline makes every song she writes about you. She sings and connects emotionally with her audience; the mark of a true musician.

Kaline in her essence delivers every key with such enthusiasm that you really just want her to go on and on. What makes her even more special is her simplicity, her modest nature when she’s not seated behind an 81-key keyboard. Her somewhat shy demeanour hidden behind a vocal powerhouse. Kaline is one I guarantee would shine for a long time.


The song ‘Stranger’ is yet another beautiful song from Kaline and probably her official foray into the music industry with the launch of her Facebook page and YouTube channel. This song is about love gone sour, a need to leave an unhappy relationship. A blend of the popular Nigerian language, Yoruba and English, I particularly like the part where she goes “Ko ye mi (I don’t understand), kilode (what’s the problem)? I thought that I could trust you with my heart”. This progresses to the chorus “mo ni la ti lo…ode ni mi…ti n ba duro” which means “I have to go, I’ll be a fool if I stay”. Strong words by a lady who knows her stuff.

Listen to the full song and share your thoughts.


For more Kaline, visit:

Lady in Green

Singer, songwriter and photographer, TY Bello (Toyin Shokefun Bello) is one woman I truly admire. Although I am yet to meet her, she strikes me as one who lives to inspire and excel in all that she sets her mind to do. Strong without being forceful, TY Bello is one who has not only gained a huge following for being a source of inspiration to many, but has also attained the respect of her peers without screaming to be heard.This is why she (in my opinion) is definitely a woman worth celebrating.

Here’s one of my favourite songs off her Greenland album, titled Ekundayo. This song features another beautiful songstress with the voice of an angel, Olufunmi

What are your thoughts about her and her art? Feel free to share

Think Outside the Box

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read”
– Leo Burnett


This Oreo ad definitely ticked all the right boxes….love it! What do you think?

Masterpiece in the Making

Tanner Goods is a small team of craftsmen focused on utilising tools that have been put to work for decades to manufacture heritage leather goods. In many cases, they have sought out antique equipment that produce the best result.

A balanced blend of history and modernity, what I find most inspiring about this team is their emphasis on three key elements for success in arts and craft; determination, creativity and craftsmanship. Their attention to detail is quite extraordinary!

Watch the video, be inspired, and feel free to share your thoughts:

To learn more about what they do, visit:

Hi guys!

Welcome to the land of inspiration!

Creative Fireworks is a hub for anyone looking to find inspiration. You’ll find inspiring images, videos and articles to ‘release the fireworks’ in you. Be inspired and start creating!

To kick things off, here’s a picture I took from the 4th Floor of an 18 storey building. Not the best quality because it was taken from a mobile phone, but anyway the beauty is in the view.

It’s a place called Marina Street, Lagos, Nigeria. I love it! What say ye?

Beauty in Lagos

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